Geological study of Kaushaltar road fissures on cards 1

 -A geological study will be carried out at the Kaushaltar-Lokanthali stretch of the Araniko Highway, which developed unprecedented fissures from the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25.

A 100-metre road stretch from the overhead bridge at Lokanthali to Kaushaltar traffic junction suffered 1 foot to 3 feet fissures while a section of the lane has been elevated from its usual position.

A nine-member team has been formed under the coordination of engineer Satya Sundar Shrestha from Madhayapur Engineering Society to carry out the study to find out if the crevice was created by ground movement or earthquake’s fault line.

The Society had also taken initiative in holding rapid assessment of the houses in the area that suffered cracks during the quake.

Five teams constituting of 50 engineers headed by five structure engineers have already assessed around 500 houses from 1 to 17 wards. The massive earthquake on April 25 followed by multiple aftershocks and a major aftershock of 7.3-magnitude which struck on May 12 have destroyed or rendered most of the houses in Madhyapur Thimi inhabitable.


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  • Narendra Khadka

    No only kaushaltar road, all affected roads should be surveyed again and repaired as soon as possible.

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