Topographic Surveys

Topographic Survey

Topographic surveys are carried out using a combination of laser ‘Total Station’ instruments and differential GPS equipment. Based in Nepal, our surveying services are available nationally, from Mechi to Mahakali covering all 75 districts.

RRP Survey Consults have undertaken topographic surveys ranging from individual garden plots to 100 acre private estates, business parks, shopping centres, schools, resorts and hospitals.

Control on each site can be tied in to a local grid, or to National Grid system of Nepal  in accordance with your requirements.

3D Modelling

Basic ground models and 3 dimensional visualizations can be produced from survey information if required. Once generated the model is dimensionally accurate, and can therefore be used for area and volume calculations.

Area and Volume Calculation

Area & volume information is useful for space management in your existing building, or for the calculation of permitted development on a new project proposal.

  • Area calculations (eg. for land sales)

  • Volume calculations (for material introduction / removal)

  • 3D ground models

  • Cut and Fill calculations

  • Section & profile drawing