Here are the list of the projects that we have carried out.

Bardibas-Jaleshwor Feeder Road Project- Mahottari

Bardibas-Jaleshwor Feeder Road SurveyProject- Mahottari Contract with: CEMAT-SILT-BDA J/V Client: DOR/RIP Contract No. RIP-III/3371334/CS-004/2071/72 Length: 42 kms Project Area: Mahottar Year: 2072

Several Bridges Survey Project – Jhapa

Several Bridge Survey Project List of Bridges: Biring Khola Bridge Gauriya Khola Bridge Hadiya Khola Bridge Bhutlung Khola Bridge Ghagara Khola Bridge Baneli Khola Bridge Dama Khola Bridge Kurung Khola Bridge Paudel Bagaan Bridge Detail: Client: Slate Consultant Pvt. Ltd. Project Location: Jhapa District Year: 2072

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