About us

Who are we? 

We stand as one of the best Land Survey Consultants in Nepal. Years of experience in the field of surveying have gifted us deep knowledge of all geographic and topographic features in Nepal from Mechi to Mahakali

That’s why we have made our-self capable of doing all types of topographic land survey with mapping very precisely.

Our Capabilities:

We are equipped with all modern tools and instruments of surveying. Our cutting edge technology is capable of providing absolute accuracy in survey works and map generation. Equipped with sufficient numbers of highly précised Laser Total Stations, we have ready-to-go highly skilled teams at your service. Even in short notice, we can manage our teams to serve you at any part of the country.

Not only in outdoor works, we have wide-ranging, in-depth experience and expertise in data processing, analyzing and interpretation to give best possible results of field survey works. Our specialist and experienced energy with powerful resources are always dedicated to the success of your project. We provide reliable CAD solution in the Country.